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Must Read: Ethical Lapses in the U.S. Military Explained

By Winslow T. Wheeler Straus Military Reform Project   The defense trade press and even some major media have recently produced reports about ethical problems in the US military officer corps.  Bill Hartung writes at Huffington Post that “Military Ethics Reform Should Start at the Top,” advocating a reduction in our astoundingly–even historically–high officer bloat.  Lt. Col. Danny Davis writes in Armed Forces Journal that our officers are “Seduced by Success” by winning, but only at the minor tactical level, against literally incompetent, almost unarmed enemies. These are important articles, and I urge you to read them, but retired Army Major Don Vandergriff (who has written about officer education, how our over-officered military means an ineffective military,  and more) brought to my attention an article that puts the disconnected media reports about individual examples of officer ethics problems into a broader and far more … Read entire article »

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