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Keeping Tabs — 17 Feb.


The Therapist May See You Anytime, Anywhere (NY TIMES, 13 FEB 12) — Not for long, if some scientists have their way. In the past few years researchers have been testing simple video-game-like programs aimed at relieving common problems like anxiety and depression. These recent results have been encouraging enough that investigators are now delivering the programs on smartphones — therapy apps, in effect, that may soon make psychological help accessible anytime, anywhere, whether in the grocery store line, on the bus or just before a work presentation.

Marine’s suicide is only start of family’s struggle (Washington Post) — For most of his 26 years in the military, Maj. Jeff Hackett was a standout Marine. Two tours in Iraq destroyed him.  Home from combat, he drank too much, suffered public breakdowns and was hospitalized for panic attacks. In June 2010, he killed himself.

Warrior Recovery Center at Kandahar Airfield opens (Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System) — The Warrior Recovery Center is a residential and outpatient military medical facility that provides short-term, comprehensive care to wounded warriors in southern Afghanistan who suffer from combat related injuries and/or combat stress. The center focuses on four pillars of treatment: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussive Care, Combat Stress Control Restorative Care, Wounded Warrior (Musculoskeletal) Care, and Behavioral Health.


Princeton Trails Columbia in Welcoming Vets to Ivy League (Bloomberg, NY) — Unlike the World War II draft, which drew from every segment of society, many veterans who served in the volunteer military in Iraq and Afghanistan come from poor and working- class families. They may be intimidated by the idea of going to an elite college and have difficulty qualifying under criteria such as high-school grades and standardized-test scores.


Olson:  Female veterans face steep climb back to employment when they return from war (Star-Telegram, TX) — Although most veterans are disciplined, loyal and hardworking, there is an alarming gap between the employment rates of veterans and civilians.  And the gap is even larger for our women veterans, 22 percent of whom are unemployed, compared with 7.8 of civilian women.

Navy gives pink slips to nearly 600 senior NCOs (Stars and Stripes) — The Navy is forcing 593 senior enlisted members to retire or transfer to the fleet reserve after concluding its senior enlisted continuation board, according to a Navy press release Wednesday.

Military budget cuts put South Dakota under the gun (KTIV, SD) — But, lawmakers say federal funding cuts are putting a strain on their own military budget.  “We are going to see several hundred troop reduction in South Dakota,” a sober statement from Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Comcast showcasing jobless vets ( — Comcast is currently airing short videos of military veterans looking for new jobs as part of a pilot program with the state’s Department of Veteran Services.  Each of the videos features an interview by a Comcast host with a Massachusetts veteran pitching his or her job skills and military background.


National Guard engaging clergy to help prevent service member, veteran suicide ( — Military leaders in Arizona say faith–based communities often are in a better position to spot service members facing problems including stress, mental health problems and the potential for suicide.  “I see faith as a way that people can find healing in terms of maybe some of the situations and crises either as service members or as veterans from other generations,” said Col. Elmon Krupnik, state chaplain for the Arizona National Guard.

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